Cleaning agent for windows Sea freshness 0,75l
Cleaning agent for windows Sea freshness 0,75l
Volume: 750 ml (trigger)
Quantity in the box: 12 pcs.
Product Code: GLSF75
description use

Detergent for glass and mirrors with liquid ammonia TM "CLIME" will make the washing of windows flawless. Ammonia alcohol quickly evaporates, and does not leave on the surface any divorce. The latest development of the leading production specialists has allowed to obtain a formula that effectively removes dirt, grease stains, fingerprints, soot, traces from contact with insects. The product has a pleasant fresh fragrance of "Sea freshness". It is suitable for all glass, mirror and glass-ceramic surfaces. The product is ready for use.

Spray the agent at a distance of 20-25cm on the surface that need to be cleaned and wipe with a dry cloth.